Amsterdam experienced

Moving to Amsterdam is exciting, because it is a dynamic city. There are many good restaurants, bars, musea’s, parcs and canal tours.
To get a full Dutch experience while living here you need to learn some Dutch! That is where Hello Dutch comes along. It might cost some time to learn, but we will make it a lot of fun together! We offer you courses by a native Dutch teacher with a background in speech therapy. The advantage is that you learn Dutch at a high level with a good amount of effort on pronunciation.




Amsterdam personal

At Hello Dutch we believe that learning a language is a different experience for each individual. This is why we offer tailor made programs.

Each program can be personalized for each level or age. Therefore, it does not matter whether you are a beginner, advanced, young or grown-up. The program will satisfy your needs. Even if you wish to have a class during a lunchbreak or during weekends we can make this possible for you.




Amsterdam flexible

Next to all the daily activities, it is not always easy to find a space in your schedule to attend a course. At Hello Dutch we understand and we want to offer you flexibility in that matter. There are no fixed hours or locations. You can choose what will be the best for you. Course in your lunchbreak at the office, at home in the weekends or at Hello Dutch? Everything is possible.



Hello Dutch, Amsterdam